Holiday Wreath Inspiration : Foraged, Eco-Friendly Christmas DIY

It’s the First of December! Which means I can now unapologetically start preparing for Christmas and winter time festivities without getting odd looks from people.

This year I’m dreaming of a GREEN Christmas (not that we every have snowy white Christmases here in Southern California). By that I mean I want to be more eco-friendly and environmentally conscious when I celebrate this season.

I’m starting off this December with some wreath inspiration. I love the smell of a classic pine wreath, but I wanted to get more creative with my decor this year. I’ve decided to make my own holiday wreath by foraging for the foliage. I’m using the term “forage” rather loosely; I’ll be going to parks, parking lots, and even my own front garden in search of suitable greens. When looking for my materials, I’ll be keeping a few things in mind :

  1. USE WHAT IS AVAILABLE : I am not going to lament over the fact that I don’t have a Douglas Fir in my neighborhood. Instead of looking for purely “traditional” greens, I’ll see what I can find in my neighborhood and work with that.
  2. FIND DIFFERENT TEXTURES : I want this to be a fun, festive, and playful wreath. That means I’ll need different kinds of leaves and maybe flowers and berries. I’ll play around with thicker, sturdy leaves as well as airy, delicate ones.
  3. HAVE FUN WITH IT : I want to use this wreath making time to help get me in the holiday spirit. I won’t get caught making sure what I make looks “perfect”.

Here are some wreaths that are give me giving me major inspo. Enjoy!

Untitled design (9)

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