4 DIY (Crazy Easy) Modern Plant Stands

I don’t want to say I’m a lazy DIY-er, but I believe you shouldn’t need a lot of complicated tools and steps (or spend a lot of cash) to make beautiful DIY’s. I’m definitely one for shortcuts and easy steps. Minimum effort, maximum impact is my M.O.

Plant stands are an easy way to elevate your plants, literally AND figuratively. These plant stands look pretty easy to make, however they can be made even easier with the right know-how, which totally works for me!

Make this Mid Century inspired plant stand to show off the houseplants you haven't killed!
via A Beautiful Mess

This side table/plant stand is just amazing. But you’ve got to be committed and stocked with the right tools (in this case a jig saw) if you wants to copy this tutorial to a T (and yes, this is the correct way to spell this idiom, I checked). This tutorial can be made even easier by buying pre-cut wood circles  instead of trying to cut them out yourselves. Check our your local craft store or even Home Depot for wood circles.


DIY Modern Wood Plant Stand
Via A Beautiful Mess

This little guy has got to be the simplest plant stand, but it still packs a visual punch. A Beautiful Mess sure do like using their jig saw, but buying a pre-cut circle and a square dowel will save you a lot of effort and hassle.


DIY Pflanzenständer Fotorahmen 11
via Love Decorations

Would you believe this plant stand is made from picture frames?? It’s quite brilliant actually! 4 wood frames, some wood glue, and a few clamps is really all you need to make this nifty square plant stand.

I know I’ll have to try my hand at making some of these soon for my indoor plant collection (which is growing slowly, but surely). #plantparenthood

Let me know which one is your favorite, or if there are any other easy plant DIY’s floating around.


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