Last week I had the absolute pleasure of having my picture taken by none other than Christine. She’s a real sweetheart with a love for cameras, and I couldn’t say no when she offered to snap some pics of me.

We drove around Long Beach looking for cool spots, talking about edible weeds that grow in alley ways, hitting up some thrift stores, and sipping on some drinks from Portfolio (coffee for her, tea for me).

I’ve been a fan of her YouTube channel and have been watching her content for the longest. Some of the big reasons why I loved her channel, other than the fact that her content is seriously #goals, was that she 1) Lived in Long Beach and 2) We had (nearly) the same name (I’ve yet to meet another Chrystene, but Christine is close enough). One day, after learning our full names (first, middle, AND last) are weirdly similar (like, cosmically similar), I messaged her on Instagram and we’ve been friends since.


As I’ve gotten older, I’ve really grown to appreciate Southern California more and more. I didn’t know anything but SoCal, so I didn’t realize how diverse everything is here. Seeing it through other people’s eyes (on Instagram or YouTube) made me want to explore and experience more around here. It’s certainly not as glitzy and glamorous as some idealize it to be (have you seen LA? Like, really?), but we’ve definitely got a lot of cool sh*t to see and do around here.

Long Beach will always have a special place in my heart, although that sentiment goes out the window when the parking is particularly sh*tty (seriously, parking can be worse than LA).


Learning to feel comfortable in front of the camera has been a process. I wouldn’t say I’m 100% there, but I’m certainly trying.


I decided to switch hats, because #whynot ?



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