I’m a big fan of farmer’s markets, where I can support local growers and get in-season, sustainable produce (I know, how LA girl of me).

Long Beach has a scattering of markets throughout the weeks, and I hadn’t been to this one in ages. I came mostly to hunt for any end-of-the-season persimmons I could snap up, and luckily there was one vendor who had some! They were soft and a little beaten up, but I picked up a half dozen firm fruits to satiate my persimmon craving.


I also picked up some golden beets, dinosaur kale, and broccoli (3 for $5!) while I was there. Veggies are my favorite.

I’ll have to start coming to farmer’s market’s more frequently, if for no other reason than to sample free apples and pomegranate juice.


  • Denim Jacket : Target
  • Lace up Top : H&M
  • High Waisted skinnies : Levi’s
  • Leather Chelsea Boots : Dorothy Perkins
  • Market Basket : Givaway, via Alyssa Cates
  • Bandanna : Old
  • Cat Eye Sunglasses: Amazon

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