A year can seem like such a long span of time, and yet it goes by so quickly! As I look back on this year, I see my successes and regrets. There are so many amazing things I got to experience this year, and yet there are things I wish I had actually done, but didn’t (for one reason or another).

Instead of dwelling on the negatives of 2016, I want to use them as an opportunity to improve in 2017. Here are some of my goals and aspirations for the new year:

death valley 34

1. SHARE MORE HERE ON LEAFVEINS. My goal is to share, inspire, and create a community for other like minded, creative babes, or anyone looking for some inspiration

2. MAKE, MAKE, MAKE. I’m a creative at heart, and I’m sorry to say I’ve been neglecting my artistic side for too long. I love making, drawing, painting, and and I intend to do much more creating in the new year

3. SAY YES TO OPPORTUNITIES. I want to grow more as a person, and I want to take on more opportunities that help me to do so

4. PROCRASTINATE LESS. I am SO guilty of procrastinating, and it has led to a number of late nights cramming for exams or last minute scrambles to finish assignments. It took me 20+ to (hopefully) finally learn my lesson

5 . RECORD MORE. I have terrible memory, and one of the best things I started to do this year is to post more on Instagram to help me not only share my (mis)adventures, but catalog events with pictures and captions. I want 2017 to be full of more shared memories.

To end on a positive look, here are some of the amazing things I got to do and experience this year:

  1. Witness the Superbloom at Death Valley
  2. Have my 6th birthday!! (I’m a leap baby)
  3. Celebrate 5 years together with my boyfriend
  4. Finally visit the LA arboretum and solidify in my mind that I want to be an Environmentalist
  5. Worked as an intern for an LA based Environmental nonprofit over the summer
  6. Walk amongst giants in Sequoia National Park
  7. Have one of my best friends return from his 3+ years in the Marines
  8. Meet a handful of YouTubers/content creators/creative babes who I really respect and whose content I love
  9. Go to FYF (Fuck Yeah Fest) in LA where we saw LCD Soundsystem, Tame Impala, Todd Terje, Peter Bjorn and John, Mac Demarco, and other amazing musicians
  10. Finish my second to last semester before earning my Bachelors in Ecology and Environmental Science

Here’s to the end of another year, and the hopeful beginnings of a new one. Happy New Year!!



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