How about a bit of wreath inspo to get the holiday spirit rolling? These modern, minimal wreaths make my heart a flutter. They’re great because they can be made for Christmas, or honestly for any time of the year.

Feel free to get creative with the foliage, too! Pine is a classic, but try using eucalyptus, olive, magnolia, sage, lavender, boxwood, or even araucaria (monkey puzzle). They can all provide lovely texture a bit different from the usual conifer leaves. You could absolutely buy the leaves, but I’m a big advocate of free plants! Look outside in your garden, or ask your friends if you could forage in their yard.


1, 2 + 3

Who said a wreath needs to be a circle? These angular wreaths look so darling, and are quite easy to make.

1, 2, 3, 4


1, 2, 3

If you’d rather go with a traditional circular wreath, try spicing it up; use a metal hoop and leave some of it exposed. It adds a very sculptural, artistic effect.

1, 2, 3

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