Explore LA + OOTD: Japanese Garden + Naples

Back at it again with the posts! I’m only a few months late (eesh).

I’ve really been into watching beauty and fashion videos lately, and a number of the YouTubers that I’m subscribed to are international (England, Sweden, Australia, Canada…), and let me tell you they looove LA/Southern California. Granted they’re talking about a romanticized version of Los Angeles, but it definitely helped me to appreciate the city in which I reside. (Note, when I say LA, I really mean the greater Los Angeles Area.)

I’ve decided that I need to go out and explore more of my hometown. I think I’ll call my little adventures “Explore LA”. Adventure is out there!!

First on the list was the Cal State Long Beach Japanese Garden. We did have to pay $5 for parking (campus parking patrol is no joke) but I think that was a fair price to pay for access to such a beautiful garden. My mom is originally from Tokyo, so I’ve been to Japan more than a handful of times to visit family. I haven’t been back in 6 years, but walking into this garden was like a quick revisit to the land of the rising sun.

dem trees doe
totes super natural

They even had the Japanese dolls set up in this little shrine like area. Admittingly, I don’t know a whole lot about Japanese culture, but I know we have a few dolls like these at home (somewhere in storage) that we take our to celebrate Girl’s Day and Boy’s Day.


Mamma duck decided to bring her ducklings onto the bridge as we were taking some more photos. The babies were so cute and fluffy! They came quite close, and it was a treat to hear their little “peeps”.

Aight, you cool
Don’t mess with me, bro

We also saw this guy glide into the garden. Not sure if this bird is a heron or an egret, but I know they are formidable fish hunters.

This bird can def “smize”

After checking out the Japanese Garden, we went down to Naples of Long Beach. I didn’t even know there was such a place! Like its namesake, the houses were right next to a little canal which I assumed had access to the ocean (most houses had a boat rigged on a small port). I wonder how much these houses even cost. Jeez.



Alright, OOTD details! I’m wearing this super comfy ringer tee from Target with a Smokey the Bear graphic on it. The grey tassel purse is also from Target, and I really love how it’s the perfect size to fit the essential (phone, keys, wallet) plus a few extras. The jeans are from Gap, and I actually bought them second hand (I think they make my ass look amazing, and who doesn’t love a good pair of ass-flattering jeans?). The leather Chelsea boots were bought ages ago from Dorothy Perkins (unfortunate initials). My shades (sunnies to my European readers) were gifted to me, the watch is a cheap-o but amazing Casio, and the bandanna is old.

Thanks for sticking around! Stay tuned for more outfit posts and more Exploring LA.


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