Healthy nutella: vegan + sugar free



It’s possible, you guys. There’s a (relatively) healthy(ish) homemade nutella recipe that exists. It’s real! This guy is made from a couple of easily accessible ingredient, is super simple to make (although you do need a food processor or a high powered blender), vegan, sugar free, gluten free (if that matters to you), and most importantly it’s DELICIOUS. I can only imagine this is what Nutella used to taste like before, you know, mass production and commercialization.

I knew I wanted to try and make a hazelnut spread without any sugar, and I found a really good recipe on Our Four Forks to base my recipe off of.

As you can see below, I placed the hazelnut spread into a Talenti gelato container (ice cream is an obsession of mine). Use what you got! But I really do love these containers, they’re quite sturdy and come in handy when you need a  place to put your healthy, vegan, dairy free, sugar free, nutrient dense, delicious homemade chocolate hazelnut spread.



  • 1 cup hazelnuts
  • 10-12 dates (soak in hot water enough to cover, and reserve the liquid)
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • one vanilla bean podded, or 1/2 tablespoon vanilla extract
  • 1/3 cup of cacao powder


  1. set your oven to 350°F (or 180°C) and roast for 10-15 minutes until fragrant. when cooled, place on a clean dish towel and rub the roasted hazelnuts until most (does not have to be all) of the skin is rubbed off
  2. place hazelnuts in a food processor and blend until smooth, about 5-10 minutes. periodically scrape down the sides
  3. add the remaining ingredients, including the liquid, and blend until smooth, another 5-10 minutes. it will keep in the fridge for 2 weeks (although honestly, will it make it longer than 2 weeks in a house full of choco-holics?)

I used 10 dates to make a semi sweet spread, but you can add more if you would like it to be sweeter. In all, I used about a 1/3 – 1/2 cup of liquid, and my spread came out quite thick (which is what I was going for). This recipe is totally customizable, so add more dates if you want it sweeter, or dark cacao powder for a richer flavor, etc.

And that’s it! Feel free to spread this onto graham crackers, soft rolls, toast, or anything else you would be inclined to slather with Nutella. And feel good about your decision, knowing you’re not putting and excess of refined sugar, preservatives, or a ton of palm oil into that body of yours. I mean, this is practically a super food, right?


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