Around the garden: the morning after a shower




I love love love how my garden looks after it rains. Plants just soak up the water like a sponge, and my veggies always look so fresh and vibrant after a shower.

In this bed, I have this giant purple sprouting broccoli which has yet to give me any florets. Maybe our California winters just aren’t cold enough for it, or I might not be growing it in the right conditions (live and learn). But, alongside the massive broccoli plant, I’ve got a bunch of other little things growing: radishes, beets, chard, perpetual spinach, tatsoi (which is such a delicious leafy green!), carrots, shiso, and I think maybe some rutabaga thrown in the mix. This was very much a I’m-gonna-throw-seeds-and-water-them-and-hope-they-grow situation. Which they obviously did.


Last year I grew this really nice loose leaf lettuce (alliteration much?) I kept some of the seeds and they’re currently sitting in a bag with my seed collection. But I didn’t even have to bother. See those nice acid green leaves growing between the raised beds? Guess what they are…you betcha, they’re the same lettuce! Little volunteers just popped up where seeds fell last year. After our initial winter rain a little while back, they just popped up on their own, with no work from me. Free food!



These nasturtiums, with their beautiful circular leaves on long delicate stems, came to be in a similar manner. I grew some a few years ago; their flowers are edible and I love the pop of color their vibrant orange flowers bring to the garden. And they’ve been self seeding ever since. I love plants that I don’t have to plant.🌱


Here at my feet, you can see the wispy, feathery sprouts of the California Poppy. I love growing natives when I can. They help to promote a healthy native population of insects and other wildlife, and they’re just so gosh darn pretty!


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