Welcome to Leafveins!

Hello there! Welcome to the first post of my little blog. I hope you’ll stick around to see what I have to share.

Let me start off by introducing myself. My name is Chrystene, I’m 23 and live in (let’s say) Long Beach of Southern California. And I really like art and plants (just ask my friends). Art for me isn’t just about the things you see in museums. Art is the expression of your personal creativity. Painting can be art but so can cooking, making DIY’s, and exploring fashion. I feel that my love for plants is also multifaceted. My passion for plants feeds my love of gardening, hiking, and learning about nature and sustainability. But saying I like art and plants is a nice simplistic way of summing up my interests 🙂

LA 9.jpg
Me pulling weeds in a community garden in LA

Although this isn’t my first time blogging, I’m still quite new to it. I’ve tried blogging on and off for the past , erm I want to say 5+ years, but was never consistent with it. I’m changing all that with this blog.

This will be the first post to get me started. 2016 is THE year. The year I get my sh*t together, the year I make content and share and post and blog. There’s no more waiting around until I feel “ready”. Because “ready” never really happens. I just need to jump in and have at it!

What will I be sharing on this blog, you might ask? That’s a very good question! And the answer is… I am not entirely sure. I have good ideas on what I would like to talk about, however nothing is really set in stone. Some things you can expect include:

  • DIY’s
  • fashion-y clothes stuff
  • recipes and other food stuff
  • garden related things/plants plants PLANTS
  • hosting and party stuff (like decor, food, DIY’s…)
  • mini adventures (like my upcoming trip to Death Valley! excited!)
  • other life stuff

So as you can see, it’s a lot of “stuff”. I have no clear exact vision of what I want, but I know what things interest me and what I want to share with you guys. Stick around and help me make this place grow!

Let’s see where this goes!

My first ever trip to Big Bear, CA circa 2015
Here you can see the wild Chrystene in one of her natural habitats drinking a Thai tea boba

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